The Queen of the Oceans


Linen is perfect because it’s imperfect.
The combination of linen with supercombed cotton makes The Queen of the Oceans an ideal choice to everyday weather. Linen reacts to outer temperature – it cools nicely when it’s hot and holds warmth from your body (with layered wrapping) when it gets colder.
Linen is known for its antibacterial properties; it’s typically uneven – it has tiny knots and thicker spots in the yarns – these are not considered a defect. On the contrary, they add a natural aesthetic to the natural yarn.
The Queen of the Oceans wrap falls into the middle weight category; it is a very easy wrap, perfect for bigger babies and toddlers and ideal for parents with wrapping experience. It does not require long breaking in.
The wrap comes to 280g/m2 post-wash and contains 48% linen.

The cotton used is certified organic (GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 cl.I.)

Photos: Sandra H. Johannessen

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