The City of Dreams


You may have caught a glimpse of our new design in the weaver shop sneak peak or in one of the photos from the blogger Dedinská mať.
So why the City? I have liked the idea since the very moment Anita Stefanik – a textile designer and interior stylist, living in Stockholm came up with it two years ago. This is the city I fell in love with instantly, in a country that gave my understanding of design and aesthetics a whole new dimension.

And so I sent the initial mockup to my good friend and a graphic designer – Zuzana Smolkova, who gladly took on the challenge and created a unique metropolitan design for yako yako. According to her own words, this has been the longest project in her career. It took a year from the beginning of the design process until the first wrap was born.
The incorporation of this pattern was tough to crack for our weavers as well, and mistakes were a part of the manufacturing process. The huge amount of struggle, do-overs, consulting and of course patience was all worth it. Fate stepped in and this dreamy wrap made it just in time to travel with us to the city that never sleeps – New York.

Wrap The City of Dreams is crafted from 100% supercombed GOTS cotton and comes to 300g/m2 pre-wash.
It’s perfect for newborns as well as bigger babies.
The wrap in this constitution and colorway is weaved in extreme limited quantity and will not be restocked.

”Traveling opens new horizons and to me it is an endless source of inspiration.’’
Martina Bajankova, @thinush (the Founder of yy)

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