First Touch Lullaby


The winner of the most favourite pattern survey we conducted on Instagram, is First Touch. This tiny hands design was created using hand prints of our daughter Rebeka. And since all of the FT wraps were sold out – here’s something for you! A wrap, ideal for the whole babywearing period in a subtle pastel pink and grey yarn colour combination. It’s made of 100% cotton with GOTS and OEKO TEX. cl.l. Certifficate.

Our FT wraps are soft right after the initial wash, they don’t require any special care or ironing and are very easy to wrap. Despite their 300g pre-wash weight, they come in medium thickness, are ideal for newborns and will be great for tiny walkers as well, when tied in layers.

FT Lullaby has been weaved in limited quantity, just like all our other wraps.

Recommended care instructions: 40°C machine wash, using liquid detergent. Tumble dry on cotton cycle, steam ironing. The colour permanence of our cotton wraps allow for the wrap to be machine washed with your white load.

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