Back to the Roots – royal blue


I carried a vision of creating a wrap with folk motive since the yako yako brand was established. Some ideas are not to be rushed and I also wanted to wait for the right time and the kick of the muse.
And now, it all came together.
Our new pattern resembles the historical Slovak blue-print but it also embodies contemporary minimalism and the soul of our brand. The connection of babywearing and Slovak tradition pushes us to remember our cultural roots and history – hence the design’s name – Back To The Roots. The name was selected with the help of our yako yako fangroup loyal members.
The BTTR wrap was crafted in two colorways; with double-weft satin weave. The soft super-combed cotton properties make it perfect for newborns, but we recommend this beauty to babywearing parents with wrapping experience. With 365g post-wash it will be an ideal choice for heavier babies as well. These wraps have been cut exactly for the sizes  4,2 and 4,6 m after wash.
Composition: 100% GOTS certified supercombed cotton
This design was created with
Peter Dlhopolcek – graphic designer (
Anita Stefanik – fabric designer
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