Even in our country, babywearing has a long history. Our great, great grandmothers didn’t know strollers or even if they did, they couldn’t afford them, so babywearing was the only way of commuting with their babies. Nowadays, apart from practical reasons, babywearing is also popular for many important psychological advantages. The knowledge comes not only from the mothers’ experience, but also from the psychologists’. It means closeness, sense of security and the ability to immediately react to the baby’s needs.

Before our daughter was born, we were trying to think of ways how to continue in our active lifestyle – travelling between Slovakia and Sweden, and hiking with our dog. That is how we learned about babywearing. We started wearing our daughter right after we brought her home from the hospital and later it inspired us to create our own brand and produce jacquard wraps and slings ourselves. The name yako yako was derived from the sounds our daughter made with her pacifier and our first design was created using her own handprints.

The yako yako wraps are uniquely designed fashion pieces, inspired by the Scandinavian minimalism. The quality is more important to us than quantity, which is why all editions are very limited. We purchase the yarns exclusively from European manufacturers. The fabrics are then weaved at places with a long tradition in fabric weaving and the final wraps are sewn in a local shop.

Our wraps are a result of creative collaboration of people close to our family, mostly from Zilina. We strive to bring stylish and functional wraps, that thanks to their characteristics and design not only make your babywearing experience more enjoyable but will also become a luxury accessory in the mother’s closet.

With Love,

Martina and the yy team

Heart to heart wrapped in art